Medical Malpractice

Although you place great trust in medical professionals to ensure that you leave the clinic or hospital in a relatively healthy state, mistakes do happen — and unfortunately, they are far more common than the medical community would care to admit. If you or a loved one has suffered the physical or mental anguish related to poor medical treatment, you deserve compensation for your affliction. A highly qualified Virginia Beach medical malpractice lawyer such as Attorney Dennis W. Tackett can provide you the expertise needed to obtain full compensation for your suffering while keeping the legal headaches to a minimum.

Situations Requiring The Expertise Of A Virginia Beach Mecial Malpractice Lawyer

Medical malpractice may seem like a straightforward area of law, but it actually includes a surprisingly number of seemingly disparate categories. While the basic premise of medical malpractice is that a medical professional’s negligence has cost you in terms of physical, mental or emotional health, there are a variety of actions that can lead to these poor health outcomes. Common examples misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, incorrect drug prescription, negligence in prenatal care or childbirth, operating room errors or the use of incorrect anesthesia equipment. The process of proving your case could be vastly different, depending on the type of negligence suffered. Look to an experienced medical malpractice lawyer serving Hampton Roads or Coastal Virginia to guide you through the complexities of your specific malpractice case.

Attorney Dennis W. Tackett: Fighting For Patient Justice

Dennis Tackett understands just how devastating a medical error can be, not only to the sufferer, but all of his or her friends and family members as well. With a vast track record dating back to 1991, Attorney Dennis W. Tackett is well-versed in the realm of medical malpractice. His expertise allows him to find effective resolutions for patients who have been wronged by the medical community. Perhaps more importantly, this talented attorney is always happy to listen to client concerns and respond in a helpful and cooperative manner. He prides himself on taking and returning all calls on his own, instead of leaving all the responsibility to less knowledgeable paralegals and secretaries. You can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands when you seek Dennis Tackett’s assistance.