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The Law Office of John Karas has OVER 3 Decades of EXPERIENCE providing vigorous, effective and high-quality representation (with an individualized touch) to thousands of clients in both Criminal and Civil matters.

If you need aggressive representation in a criminal matter, a DUI, Drug Charge, Domestic Violence matter, Police Misconduct or abuse case, contact The Law Office of John Karas for a free initial consultation.

Our Strategy to Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Trial Attorney in Temecula, Murrieta & Riverside County, CA

Success comes to those prepared

It’s important to know the Law Office of John Karas won’t shy away from a challenge, and prepare to fight before a jury. Our strategy involves intensive preparation as we gather all the information necessary to build a solid case. Taking the time to understand you and your legal matter, provides you the best options for a successful outcome. Understanding not every case needs to go to trial, some are best settled our of court. True to our goal, we always do what’s best for our clients. Just knowing we prepare each case as if it were going to trial, gives assurance we’re prepared to fight for you – in and out of court.

Winning is our Only Goal

The Law Office of John Karas is hyper-focused on defending your legal rights. It’s natural to experience fear, anxiety, and other emotions while you’re facing a criminal case. However, those feelings usually dissipate after witnessing our legal team in action. We’ve uncovered false testimonies and twisted evidence admitted in a case on numerous occasions. We’ll work tirelessly to make sure you’re protected in every way possible. Understanding the legal system, the courts and the players gives us the advantage in cases we accept. Now is the time to seek our legal assistance and to protect yourself and future. Your case is important, and we’ll call upon every resource to prepare for your defense.

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