Firm Overview

Dennis W. Tackett is a highly-respected Virginia Beach lawyer holding impressive experience in a vast array of legal areas. Serving Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Chesapeake and several other prominent Virginia regions, this talented attorney understands the complexities of the area’s legal avenues and how they come into play in the courtroom. He prides himself on providing an unparalleled level of service to clients, ensuring that they always are afforded a trusting, kindhearted and passionate advocate.

Attorney Dennis W. Tackett Boasts A Long History Of Legal Excellence

Dennis Tackett began practicing law in 1991. Following a brief stint as the managing general partner of a seven-lawyer firm, he transitioned into the realm of solo practice. His goal was to offer a more personalized form of service for clients in need of a sympathetic ear. He’s since accomplished that lofty aim, seeking justice in a vast array of complex legal cases.

A Veteran of the US Military, Attorney Dennis W. Tackett prides himself on providing the best service possible. He accomplishes this through sheer dedication, always taking the time to answer all calls himself. while many legal experts would be satisfied to let less experienced paralegals and secretaries handle this process, Dennis Tackett recognizes that clients prefer to discuss their cases with the most qualified litigators available.

Virginia Beach Lawyer Dennis Tackett’s Areas Of Expertise

Given his many years of service, it’s no surprise that Attorney Dennis W. Tackett has acquired an impressive level of understanding in a vast array of legal areas. His abilities prove particularly impressive while representing clients in cases related to serious injury and wrongful death. The Virginia Beach lawyer thrives on representing the little guy in David versus Goliath types of cases, seeking justice for those who would otherwise be left to suffer alone.

No matter the intricacies of your current legal issues, you deserve the assistance of a dedicated attorney who will actually listen to your concerns. Dennis Tackett offers an appealing combination of legal expertise, friendliness and sheer work ethic that will ensure the best outcome possible.