Trial Attorney Vs 98% Of Lawyers

Trial Attorney Vs. 98% Lawyers

Trial Attorney

Why should that matter to you? First, let me ask the question; “Would you feel more comfortable having knee surgery with an orthopedic surgeon, or a general practitioner”? The answer is easy.

Your Attorney should be held to the same standards. Choose wisely. 

A good Trial Attorney enjoys the drama and intellectual challenge of trial, while doing what’s best for the client and family.

Only a fraction of cases actually go to trial. The fact is, that 98% of lawyers negotiate. Most attorneys are programmed to sell plea bargains. Fewer have any experience to be effective in Trial. Instead, most lawyers negotiate intuitively, which can be devastating.

The mark of a good trial attorney, isn’t mastered with hard work; but rather something you have a natural aptitude for. John Karas is a lethal combination of both?

Some aspects of The Law Office of John Karas and what sets them apart:

Information is Power:

His description is that of an experienced Trial specialist who only enters arguments intended to persuade the opposing side of the legitimacy of his position to opposing counsel. Always prepared, on point and conveys confidence. John’s ready, willing and able to take a case all the way through trial. After all, most litigators’ best alternative to settling the case — a critical element in trial cases. And the higher the likelihood of winning his trials.

Legal writing ability:

Legal writing is an art form. Most lawyers will throw facts on a page and cite cases they believe is important. Believe me, most judges have heard it all before. John has the ability to craft persuasive documents that’s compelling and convincing to a judge. John Karas possesses the skill, clarity, and a gift for being persuasive in writing.

Trial skills:

John has a keen sense of knowing how to act, think on his feet, assert dominance in the courtroom and maintain an even composure (calm and relaxed). He knows all the rules of the game, rules of the evidence, rules of the case, all the rules of law while never losing sight of his ultimate goal, to be victorious. He has excellent people skills, and is effective in reading the emotional tone of every situation. Most lawyers will try to play “the nice guy” throughout the trial. When in a courtroom, John applies the right kind of pressure, toughness and asserts confrontation at appropriate times.

Controlling the Courtroom (Agenda):

Controlling the courtroom can make or break your case. John knows how to Effectively manage of the trial process (from beginning to end). He’s savvy and knows how to strike at the right time. He’s a person who can take the facts of a case, dissect them, identify all the strength and reveal every weakness. He understands how to utilize deadlines, how to operate within them and the psychology behind them. As a result, he takes charge of the case, controls the tempo and carries the momentum ensuring his claim to another successful outcome. in Temecula, Murrieta & Riverside County.

Trial Attorney Vs. 98% Lawyers